“Narratives of Change: Cooperation and Partnerships among Communities in the MENA Region” – 2nd Conference in Cyprus, 2017

International Student/Young Pugwash (ISYP) held a second annual meeting organized jointly with the DCAF Centre of Geneva on 24-26 November 2017.

Narratives of Change: Cooperation and Partnerships among Communities in the MENA Region” sought to reinforce the message that young people should not be constrained by the existing beliefs and political orientations of the older generation. Asking how it is possible to change the region by challenging beliefs, the conference provided an opportunity for both past and new participants to exchange ideas on issues of common interest in the region and identify possibilities for cooperation and partnerships to tackle them.

The conference featured facilitated presentations and discussions on three main topics linked to security issues in the Middle East. The discussions allowed for an interactive dialogue between the presenters and the participants. They were followed by working group discussions in which participants came together to identify common problems and challenges, reassess their related beliefs and opinions, and collaboratively develop practical project ideas which contribute towards positive change.

A full report of discussions is available: Report of the 2nd Middle East Student/Young Conference “Challenging Beliefs and Belief Systems”

The Middle East Student/Young Conference Series “Challenging beliefs and belief systems” provides a unique opportunity for a broad range of students and young professional from across the MENA region to engage in an open, respectful and productive dialogue. It provides a forum for young leaders from the region to critically assess beliefs and belief systems, identify elements which may lead to conflict and work collaboratively in finding practical solutions to the many issues and challenges the region faces today.

The Organizing Committee of the Conference is grateful to DCAF and the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs for providing financial support for this conference.

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