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Previous Newsletters

March 8, 2023

This newsletter includes;

  • March 14th Event: How Pugwash Launched a Career in Science, Technology and International Affairs
  • Updates from ISYP’s Third Nuclear Age Conference & Ongoing Programming
  • ISYP/IPCS/CSSPR/NIICE Cyber-Nuclear Nexus Roundtable on February 24th

      December 5, 2022

      This newsletter includes;

      • December 9th Nobel Prize Event with Student-Young Pugwash-UK
      • ISYP (Re)-Launches South Asia Programming
      • Post-Event Information: Third Nuclear Age Conference

      August 2, 2022

      This newsletter includes;

      • ISYP expands leadership team to largest, most diverse in history
      • ISYP Third Nuclear Age Conference: 31st October – 2nd November in Berlin
      • ISYP to host a joint virtual event with VCDNP/IAI
      • Virtual roundtable on nuclear issues in South Asia
      • Arms control community mourns the passing of Michael Krepon

      May 6, 2022

      This newsletter includes;

      • Ukraine Discussion with Michael Krepon and SPUSA
      • Updates from Pugwash National Groups
      • Managing the Atom Deterrence Network Kickoff

      February 28, 2022

      This newsletter includes;

      • ISYP Statement on the War in Ukraine
      • Ukraine and the future of arms control: A conversation with Michael Krepon
      • First Advisory Board Meeting of ISYP

      January 28, 2022

      This newsletter includes;

      • Announcement of ISYP Partnership with the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
      • Announcement of the new Chair of our newly formed Standing Committee
      • Short information about the Climate-Nuclear Nexus Workshop Planned for 2022

      December 23, 2021

      This newsletter includes;

      • A note from our Chair, Ezra Friedman
      • Announcement of our newly formed Advisory Board

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