First ISYP 3NA Conference 2022

ISYP hosted its inaugural Third Nuclear Age conference in Berlin, Germany, in November 2022.

Following an open application call, ISYP selected over 20 emerging leaders and leading experts from around the world. With an overwhelming interest of over 150 applicants, the ISYP Board was afforded the luxury to select candidates representing disciplines from nuclear physics to automated intelligence and political philosophy. Participants ranged from 22 to 30 years old, represented 13 countries (by personal identification) and consisted of 9 women, 6 men and one nonbinary person. They were joined by a series of established experts who facilitated discussions and provided expert insights on the challenges of a Third Nuclear Age.

Selected next-gen participants presented on a variety of issues, and had the opportunity to write and submit their research afterwards for publication consideration with ISYP’s partner, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. 

You can read the full post-conference report in English here. You can read a short German-language report in the magazine Wissenschaft und Frieden (science and peace) here.

Participant Contributions

Peter Rautenbach: read Peter’s article on the dangers of AI for nuclear weapons here. Watch his talk on the opportunities and risks of AI in the nuclear weapons sphere here.