Call for applications: “Reassessing Beliefs and Belief Systems in the Middle East”; Conference in Cyprus, November 2016

International Student/Young Pugwash (ISYP) will be holding a meeting organized jointly with the DCAF Centre of Geneva in November 2016: “Reassessing Beliefs and Belief Systems in the Middle East“.

A group of approximately 35 participants will contribute to discussions on regional security and forced migration (refugees, internal displacement). The conference will be held between November 25 and 26, 2016 in Cyprus. All sessions will be conducted in English and participants will be invited to prepare a presentation before the conference.

The conference organizers require that interested students and young professionals submit a statement of interest to participate in this event. The statement should briefly address the following questions:

  1. Please state the nature of your area of expertise / main field(s) of study, as well as any other professional interests and/or motivations that you consider relevant to your participation. As a guide, please consider (1) What can you contribute to the conference on reassessing beliefs and belief systems? and (2) What do you hope to take away from participating in the conference? (250 words max)
  2. Why are you interested in meeting students from neighboring countries of the region to discuss regional security and belief systems? (150 words max)

  3. What could you concretely do in your country in your country or the Middle East to contribute to the change of beliefs and belief systems? (150 words max)

The application form can be found at, and includes a space for your statement of interest. All applications must be submitted no later than September 23, 2016. The conference organizers will send out acceptance letters no later than October 3, 2016. The conference organizers will cover all travel, accommodation and meal costs of the participants during the Conference. For those participants that require a visa to travel to the European Union, ISYP and the local organizers will provide an invitation letter for your visa application if necessary.

Please direct all additional information & general inquiries to the following email:

ISYP-DCAF Invitation to Submit a Statement of Interest