ISYP Partnership with the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

ISYP partnered with the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists on their student-only event: “Reflecting on the 2022 Doomsday Clock”.

Halley Posner, Bulletin Program Manager, moderated the event, which also featured Bulletin President and CEO Rachel Bronson, Steven Miller, Robert Latiff, Suzet McKinney and Robert Socolow from the Science & Security Board of The Bulletin who help set the clock each year.

The speakers gave their remarks on the 75th anniversary of the Doomsday Clock, covering critical topics like the effects of climate change, US-Russia relations, the postponed NPT Review Conference, the destabilizing effects of technology (including hypersonic missiles, biothreats and the ability to deal with global challenges), as well as the spread of misinformation.

The student-only Q&A session on the 2022 Doomsday Clock, attended by students from around the globe, was hosted by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and held in partnership with ISYP, Student Pugwash USA and Yale University’s Kimball Smith Series.

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