2015 International Student/Young Pugwash Vision Statement: The Nagasaki Call for Action

IOutgoing ISYP Chair Karim Kadry reads ISYP Nagasaki vision statementn 2005 International Student/Young Pugwash (ISYP) issued its vision statement in Hiroshima: “Mission possible: engaging a new generation.” Ten years later, and sixty years after the Russell-Einstein Manifesto, ISYP reiterates its call for peaceful co-existence in the face of the uncertainty of the contemporary age.

Over the past decade the world has seen the spread of conflict and risk. Regional stability is elusive in many parts of the world. Military conflicts continue to rage in volatile areas. Nuclear proliferation remains a real threat and disarmament still appears a distant goal. Terrorist attacks around the world continue and are increasing in sophistication and brutality. Technological advancements have made it easier to wage war. Climate change continues to accelerate.

Despite these grave challenges, we remain committed to creating a world free from the dangers of nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction, terrorism and war. It is more important than ever to bring young people from around the world together in the pursuit of peace. ISYP prepares a new generation of leaders to handle the challenges that they will inevitably face in an increasingly interconnected, complex world. ISYP conferences continue to provide a dynamic platform where young people can meet across national and ideological divides to discuss, debate, and disseminate innovative ideas and solutions to long standing disputes. We call on Pugwash and the broader disarmament community to help ISYP engage, encourage, and embolden young people to take an active role in solving the difficult international security problems we all face.

In Nagasaki we have met with the Hibakusha, the Japanese survivors of the atomic bombings. We are inspired by their hope for the future in the face of great challenges and their commitment to sharing their experience with the world. We have also engaged with the young generation committed to keeping the message of the Hibakusha alive. Their optimism and creativity have inspired ISYP to strengthen its voice in the Pugwash community and redouble its efforts to create a future built on the spirit of the Russell-Einstein manifesto. Here in Nagasaki, the last city to experience a nuclear weapon attack, it is clear to us that we must always remember our humanity and forget the rest.

ISYP vision statement – Japanese

ISYP vision statement – English

ISYP vision statement – Italian

ISYP vision statement – Russian

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