2006 ISYP Conference, Cairo

The 4th annual International Student/Young Pugwash (ISYP) Conference was held in Cairo, Egypt, from 9 to 10 November 2006. ISYP divided 30 students and young professionals and 2 senior participants from 17 countries into two working groups that met in parallel.

Cairo ISYP report

In a world where the risks and threats to the survival of humankind continue to remain great, not least from the breakdown in traditional arms control and renewed proliferation threats, it is important to remember our humanity and not to be motivated by fear.

Recalling the 2005 ISYP Vision Statement Mission Possible: Engaging a New Generation, the challenges faced by future generations will not be solved only through diplomacy and the traditional political channels of negotiations. Youth has a tremendous potential to address these challenges. However, new and concerted approaches are required for the realization of a prosperous, equitable and a peaceful future.

Increased dialogue, among and with the youth, and an understanding of the complexity of conflict and fragility of peace are necessary tools to exploit this potential. Young people should embrace the idea that the responsibility to protect can also be exercised at individual level.

Raising awareness, creating expertise and engaging in dialogue are the means to enhance the potential of a peaceful future. Contributing to this end, young people can initiate novel programs which are both creative and feasible. In this area organizations such as ISYP play an important role.

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